Friday, December 12, 2014

No Love Lost

In all the love that I have lost, one of the most powerful to overcome is the love lost between people who are still here. When you realize that you have to let go. I think that is where time heals all wounds because you know you will be okay, you know there will be tomorrow. 

Just know that at some point through the pain there will be a day it is all irrelevant. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Filling up

"Stress makes you believe that everything has to happen right now. 
Faith reassures you that everything happens in God's time."

Since my Mother's passing there hasn't been one day that I haven't felt hot tears run down my face. I have never been much of a crier but I can’t tell you how much that has changed now. I am getting better with time.

  I am learning to let myself cry. I use to love to be alone but for 2 months after my Mother died you couldn't pay me to be alone. I had someone around me 24/7; most of the times even in my sleep. For the past 2 weekends I spent substantial time alone. During the week at night I spend a couple hours to myself. I find myself finding myself again.

 I was standing in darkness in a room filling with water. At first I lay on the ground and watched as the room filled and flooded with water. I did not attempt to help myself, I didn't attempt to stand or find a way out. I am not out now but there is a window that is there now, and it is open. The room is now only halfway full and I can breathe and I can see again. I think you need to go through the darkness with no rush to the light. Allowing yourself to fall, allowing yourself to mess up to feel the bottom because then you will never fear it. Because of all I have lost I do not fear loss, I do not fear the bottom. I know what empty feels like but yet I am here. Little by little I am feeling again. My heartbeat is returning. Little by little it gets louder.

 But I do not rush it. I bask in every ounce over empty. I have faith I will one day return to full, that one day the door of the room will open and I will be whole or as whole as I can be.

There will always be something missing but one day it will just be a hole in my heart and not my whole heart.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Testing Testing

One of my best friends is having a birthday party on the 20th of this month. I want to attend but I wonder if there has been enough quiet time? I wonder if I am strong enough to fight the sadness in a room full of people celebrating. I go in and out of happiness these days and I don't know if I won't want to numb. You cant be sad at a birthday. *eye roll*

I don't want to get drunk ... nothing is worse than a sad drunk. Ugh spare me. Maybe a classy tipsy? It's also the week before Christmas and I plan on cooking... 0__0 pause for reaction. I cook I do and I am pretty good at it, but I am attempting baked mac and cheese, my Mother’s recipe. I am nervous and scared but determined. I want it to kind of feel like it used to for my family.

Maybe I will buy her dinner and not chance this encounter of the drunken kind. I don't want to be under a table or anything. It isn't me.  But it’s beyond hard to be out with people who are the way you use to be… carefree, normal. You feel like that for a while and then you remember, your mind goes to that dark place and your smile fades. People ask you what you are thinking about as if there was anything else that crossed your mind in that way....

Alcohol numbs that pain and in the last 3 months I always need someone to talk to, someone to lean on, something to drink, some place to hide... someone to understand me. Now I am getting back to just needing me.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I lie a wake

I lie awake for most of the night before my Mother's wake. I woke up everyday that passed hoping that I was in a nightmare and that some how some way if I prayed hard enough that I would be able to turn back and change what had happened. I questioned God and my faith… I questioned my Mother and her love for me. I just couldn't get around it.  I couldn't get it threw my head.  I mean I prepped for it and made the decisions hoping that I would wake up from this horrible dream. But I never did.  

I haven't seen my Mother since the day before she died. Not at the hospital not in the morgue. Everyone was already home by the time I got there, so seeing her in her casket would be the first time I had seen her in two weeks. It was the longest I had gone since I was born that I hadn't heard her voice. I woke up and took a shower and picked a dress out of her closet to wear. I wanted to be closer to her and I don't know why but I figured it would help me feel closer to her. It was her funeral dress and although my mother and I do not wear the same size I felt I needed it more than I needed to look nice. At the funeral home they allowed a few minutes for the family to be with her alone.

I was fine the whole day the whole time until we walked in that room and saw her. I broke down and I screamed "No" all over again. I wasn't ready to say good bye I wasn't ready to not have her. I just wasn't there and I never would be. I sat in the first row in front of her casket confusion. I put on a brave face but inside my heart was broken. I never loved anyone or anything as much as the person laid before me. I was upset with her for not staying for not waiting for me to say goodbye for not sticking to our plans. For not loving me enough to stay. My Mother was so strong I knew that she could have fought God but she just went with him and it killed my soul. I had one wish that entire day and that was to crawl into that casket and go with her. I looked so brave on the outside but that was because I didn't care anymore. Whether I lived or died no longer mattered to me and I wanted to latter, I prayed for the latter. I was upset with God because he took her, because he didn't let me say goodbye and because he didn't let me go with her. My Mother always let me go with her. I felt like she gave up and she wasn't suppose tot give up on me on us. So many friends and loved ones came that day and showed her support. So many coworkers came.

The funeral parlor estimated between 400-450 people came that day. It was a lovely service for a lovely woman. My best friends came Linda, Mari, and Monique. College friends came and showed support to myself and my family. It was a day I was proud of her and just wanted to hold her hand. It was the worst day in a line of horrible days. That night I came home and I laid down and took my sleeping aids and went to bed just to not have to think about what was waiting for me tomorrow.

Monday, December 8, 2014


Today was my Mother's Plaque Ceremony. She was a NYC Probation Officer for 23 years. On my first day of kindergarten she started her first day of work. She put me in a school that was literally 2 streets away from her job, she could see the school out the window. My Mom was that kind of mother, always kept us near.

They retired her badge, and had it mounted on a plaque to honor her. She is one of the first probation officers to get her badge retired and not have died in the line of duty. It is a complete honor. But I cant shake the feeling that its like reliving her death over and over; its been almost 3 months. I didn't attend, neither did my father. I know it might sound callous and rude but I am just beginning to heal. I have spent the last two month pretending she hadn't died. I am not strong enough to go back there yet. I need to get in a good space first for myself.

I have just in the past week stop drinking every. single. day. or drinking until I literally pass-out or throw up when I go out. Its like running from emotions, Always needing to go out and do something to occupy your mind. I have never brunched, drank, ate, went out as much as I have these last few months...maybe since college. I need to find me again. I cant numb the pain the way I have been, nothing goo will come from it at all except a pattern.

I want her to be proud not scared for me.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Together in food

I ordered liver and onions with mashed potatoes from a diner near my home. Now I am not 60 years old but it was something that I have always liked. My Mom loved liver and onions and so there for I ate it. My brothers would probably jump off a bridge if it even came near them but again two peas in a pod, right? I ordered it Sunday and portioned it out for lunch on Monday and Tuesday.

Doing simple things like eating meals that we would have shared and being able to just make it a meal, just eat it. It felt good. It was a step. 

So on Wednesday I took it a step farther and bought Butter Pecan Ice cream. I have to say that I am a Butter Pecan snob. I do not like Haagen Daz, or Breyer's or Blue Bunny or Food Town brands.
My favorite brands thus far are ................ America's Choice and Baskin Robins. Judge not...they are amazing. 

It was my Mom's favorite ice cream and one of the last things we ate together. 

Steps even if they seem baby to some is a world for me.

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Club

Losing your mother makes you apart of a club, a club you never want to be apart of yet you can never be apart of the world you once lived. There is a pain latched to your every memory and to every happy moment and thought. You will cry out of no where without "reason". My heart goes out to you and my prayers are with you in this moment of immense sorrow and pain. May your support systems not fail you and the relationships you have forged be your strength. Hold on to your partner and your children oh so tight.

Todd Tucker and Kelly Rowland

Welcome to the club you never want to be in but will always belong.