Monday, December 1, 2014


On September 17th 2014 I lost my mother; one month after her 54th birthday.
She was my rock and my angel, in her absence I became the rock for so many others.
Being the rock without a rock was overwhelming.
Turning into a mother to an entire family was exhausting and numbing all at the same time.
Watching your father become helpless, your brothers introverted, your family asking your opinion on everything... It makes you hide your feelings.
Tears fell but I wasn't dealing.  I was there for everyone, but who was there for me?
You have friends and family but no one that you can constantly be sad to, people want you to move on.
So I didn't cry unless I had to , and when I have to cry I take a shower.
Today I am starting a blog to heal to deal and to help.
This is my story.

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