Friday, December 5, 2014

Together in food

I ordered liver and onions with mashed potatoes from a diner near my home. Now I am not 60 years old but it was something that I have always liked. My Mom loved liver and onions and so there for I ate it. My brothers would probably jump off a bridge if it even came near them but again two peas in a pod, right? I ordered it Sunday and portioned it out for lunch on Monday and Tuesday.

Doing simple things like eating meals that we would have shared and being able to just make it a meal, just eat it. It felt good. It was a step. 

So on Wednesday I took it a step farther and bought Butter Pecan Ice cream. I have to say that I am a Butter Pecan snob. I do not like Haagen Daz, or Breyer's or Blue Bunny or Food Town brands.
My favorite brands thus far are ................ America's Choice and Baskin Robins. Judge not...they are amazing. 

It was my Mom's favorite ice cream and one of the last things we ate together. 

Steps even if they seem baby to some is a world for me.

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